Impressionist Watercolor Crinkle Scarf

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Martha Stewart 18-inch Pipeline Decorative Pillow

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Kate Spade New York Quilted-Bon Satchel

The Kate Spade New York Signature Spade Quilted-Bon Satchel (in Multi) is currently selling for just $89.28 on! You will be saving 53% off the listed price of $188.00 with this Kate [...]

Tree of Life Necklace

This Sterling Silver Marcasite and Blue Epoxy Tree of Life Pendant 18" Necklace is currently selling for just $46.99 on! You will be saving 70% off the listed price of $154.99 [...]

Impressionist Watercolor Crinkle Scarf Martha Stewart 18-inch Pipeline Decorative Pillow Kate Spade New York Signature Spade Quilted-Bon Satchel Marcasite Tree of Life Necklace

Nail art can help to complete your look and to make a statement just like jewelry and other fashion accessories.  When I used to have my nails done in a salon, I enjoyed having hand painted nail art done by my very talented manicurist.  Since I started doing my own nails, I have not been quite as ambitious.  I really have only gone as far as using glitter or confetti nail color and crackle nail polish.  Although I like the look of the glitter polish, I found that the confetti and the crackle were not a good fit for someone who has control issues like me.  I do not like my nail art to be random and unbalanced.

Something I have always wanted to try for myself is nail art pens.  I can draw freehand fairly well on paper, so why not try it on my nails?  Yes, I worry about how well I would be able to draw with my left hand, but I still want to give it a try.  I came across Cina Nail Art Pens while searching for quick drying nail polish online.  Then while I was checking out these beauty supplies on the Image Beauty website, I stumbled upon a wide selection of Nail Art Decals also made by Cina.  I rather liked the various glitter and crystal decals.  Although I am not a huge fan of a lot of bling, a tiny bit on my nails done right could be both pretty and fun.

Have you ever tried doing your own nail art?  I would love to hear your success stories and would like to know which products are your favorites.

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Decorating a small apartment can be a challenge, as you want to be able to live comfortably, but have limited space for appliances and furniture. However, there are some ways that you can integrate appliances and gadgets without causing your home to become cluttered.

The living room can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate in a small apartment. A living room will normally contain large items, such as sofas and televisions. Fitting these items into a limited space can be a challenge. You will need to avoid buying excessively large furniture, but you should also be careful not to make the room cluttered by having too many small items. A simple sofa can be used for the main seating area, with some folding chairs for additional seating when you have visitors. These can easily be stored when not in use. A tall cabinet can be used to hold your television, stereo and books.

The kitchen can also cause difficulties, as it will need to house large appliances such as washing machine. You can integrate an efficient laundry appliance into your kitchen by covering the front with a cupboard and placing a work surface over the top. This is a good way to hide washing machines and other appliances, as they will still be easily accessible.

Storage can be a major issue when living in a small apartment, one solution is to choose a bed with storage drawers underneath. This could be useful for storing spare bedding and towels, as well as summer or winter clothes when they are not in use. You may want to consider buying some vacuum pack storage bags in order to make the most of your storage space. For the storage of bathroom items, you can choose a sink with a cupboard underneath, or you can buy an under-sink storage cabinet to fit under your existing sink.

When choosing the décor for your apartment, pale colors may be a good choice, as they can make the room appear bigger. You can also use mirrors to add light and give the illusion of space.

Decorating a small space can be a challenge, but there are design ideas and solutions that can help you to make the most of your living space.

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Sometimes it can seem a bit too easy to 'put it on the plastic' when it comes to cheeky purchases that you don’t have the cash for straight away. But credit cards are not risky – even in the hands of fashion fanatics – provided you know how to use them.

What many people don’t realize is that if credit cards are used sensibly they can actually earn extra money to spend on clothes. Here’s a look at the advantages of credit cards when it comes to funding your fashion fix.

Reward Credit Cards
There are a number of credit cards that offer points every time you make a purchase. This idea is now a familiar one, and many people collect points every time they shop at the supermarket. The key with credit cards is to find out how much the points are worth.

A reward system may seem like a good deal at face value, but work out what the reward system means in actual terms, and how much you will earn per transaction. By shopping around you can choose a card that has a genuinely useful rewards system.

Cashback Credit Cards
Some cards go even further and gift you directly with cash every time you use the card. The money is tax-free and can be used anyway you like for any purchase. This means more money to spend on the clothes you love. The reward could be as high as 5% in the initial months.

Of course, lenders don’t do this just to be nice. The interest on these cards is high so if you forget to pay off the debt you will be charged accordingly. The way to get round this is to set up a direct debit or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment so that the full amount is paid off every month.

In addition to reward and cashback credit cards, there are also cards with 0% interest. Just make sure the card is completely paid off before the end of the 0% period. By reading the terms properly and making full repayments, a credit card could be a handy tool when it comes to maximizing your fashion finances.

The Sterling Silver Platinum Plated Simulated Diamond Handbag Charm is currently selling for just $17.10 on!  You will be saving 80% off the listed price of $84.99 with this jewelry deal.

Product information:

  • Made of platinum plated sterling silver
  • Pave set round cut cubic zirconia
  • .98" high
  • .71" wide

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The Badgley Mischka Women's Ryder d'Orsay Pump (in Olive/Black) is currently selling for just $70.19 on!  You will be saving 67% off the listed price of $215.00 with this designer shoe deal.

Product information:
  • Fabric
  • Leather sole
  • Heel measures approximately 3"

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 If you have always wanted to own a Kate Spade handbag, but have not fallen in love quite enough with any one bag to spend a few hundred dollars, here are a handful of Kate Spade bags I tracked down that are all priced at under $125 with shipping included.  Prices on these handbags tend to fluctuate, so be sure to check the price before purchasing.  Also, some of these bags are available in other color choices, but the prices may vary.

6 Kate Spade bags priced at under $125 each . . .

1.  Kate Spade New York Flicker Zip Bon PXRU4116 Tote (in True Navy, Black, Marachino, or Shamrock) - Sale $118.84 [Reg. $258]

2.  Kate Spade New York East Broadway Small Coal Tote (in Valencia) - Sale $126.23 [Reg. $198]

3.  Kate Spade New York Daytripper Bon Tote (in Firoza or French Navy) - Sale $98.99 [Reg. $148]

4.  Kate Spade New York Signature Punched Small Coal Tote (in Zinnia Pink) - Sale $121.01 [Reg. $228]

5.  Kate Spade New York Berry Street Alissa Tote (in Black) - Sale $100.14 [Reg. $198]

6.  Kate Spade New York Bayside Park Small Coal PXRU4132 Tote (in Natural/Flocoral or French navy/Fresh White) - Sale $114.23 [Reg. $248]

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It may not be your favorite friend, but it always has to be the most reliable one, especially on a Monday morning. Without an alarm clock, the majority of us would rarely make it to work on time. Sadly, alarm clocks are an essential part of the daily routine.

So how do you go about choosing the right alarm clock? With so many brands, designs and sizes now available, it can be difficult to select the right one. Some people may prefer a traditional alarm, whilst others may look for a more technologically advanced design.

Read on for helpful advice about buying the right alarm clock.

The first important factor in choosing a clock is of course the alarm. Would you rather wake up to ambient, calming sounds or jump out of bed with a hyperactive buzzer or bell? Many of today's modern alarm clocks are efficient in that they allow you to dock your iPod and charge it at the same time, so waking up to your favorite tunes is an option. Others have a more basic function of a radio tuner, thus enabling you to wake up to the 7am news. Both options can be a pleasant and relaxing start to the day.

Alarm clocks are naturally designed with one key function. Many now also have additional features to improve either your day or your sleep. Those with iPod docks or CD players allow you to play your own choice of music at any time of day. In addition, many clocks have the function to not only display the time but also the full date. At night, some alarms now have a dimmed display, allowing your eyes to rest fully without a bright glow displaying the time. Others remain dark, only displaying or projecting the time onto a wall when a button is pressed, allowing you to get the most restful sleep possible.

The Lumie range of alarm clocks is especially designed to help you to wake naturally. The Lumie alarm clock gradually lightens, mimicking the effect of a sunrise. They aim to wake you in the most natural way possible, in response to the light which fills the room over a period of time. In so doing, your mood is lifted, your energy levels are increased and your productivity is improved for the rest of the day. If you work long hours, or you have a very early start, a Lumie clock might be the best bet as it will help you to wake up still feeling refreshed, rather than jarred.

The final aspect of choosing the perfect alarm clock is what style you would like to have. Would you rather have a retro design or a sleek, laser-cut clock? The décor of your bedroom should dictate the design of alarm clock you choose.

We hope that reading these tips has been useful for you in your search for an alarm clock. If all else fails, a bucket of iced water usually does the trick!

The Casual Canine Blue Camo Pet Sweatshirt Hoodie (in Size Large) is currently selling for just $6.35 on!  You will be saving 68% off the listed price of $19.99 with this dog hoodie deal.

Also available in additional sizes, but prices will vary.

Product information:

  • Camo hoodie is authentic winter wear for adventure-bound hounds
  • Features an integrated pocket, ribbed comfort sleeves and soft fleece interior
  • Made of 100 percent cotton and fits 13-17-inch length
  • Available in large size and blue color
  • Measures 12-1/2-inch length by 6-1/2-inch width by 2-inch height

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