Another Dance CD Approved By My Children

At first I was skeptical about a rap cd for children, but this one turned out to be lots of fun for both kids and adults. This "Kids Rap'n the Hits" cd by Hip Kiddy contains popular hits from the 90's by the original artist with kids rapping along here and there. My 4.5yr old son loves to dance to it. The track includes the following 12 songs:

1. Gonna Make You Sweat

2. Can't Touch This

3. Get Ready For This

4. Womp! There It Is

5. Gettin Jiggy Wit It

6. Pump Up the Jam

7. Ice Ice Baby

8. Bust a Move

9. It Takes Two

10. The Power

11. Hey ya

12. Jump Around

I was very pleased with this cd. I paid about $11 for it at the music store in our local mall, which I thought was a deal compared to some others I saw that sold for $16 - $18 each. I also wanted to point out that there is no inappropriate language on this cd. I believe that there is a Volume 2 and 3 available in the stores. They may be worth checking out.