About "A Blog of Goodies"

A Blog of Goodies is authored by Karen Coutu, a self-proclaimed shopaholic.  Although life and a growing family have changed the amount of disposable income Karen has, she still thoroughly enjoys shopping and occasionally finishing the statement . . . .

"If money were not an issue, I would love to have this ___________"

This site is a place to share all the exciting things Karen finds and would love to own for herself, her family, or their home.  She thinks that window shopping can be a fun thing and not necessarily a reminder of what one cannot have.

NOTE:  We do not house any product reviews on A Blog of Goodies, therefore we have not accepted any complimentary products or payment to share what we like with our readers.  We do share about great deals we have found online and about things we have purchased with our own funds and happened to especially like.  Occasionally, we may accept a sponsored product feature, but those articles will be clearly labeled as such.  Some of our posts may contain affiliate links.

Karen is also the founder and editor of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires, a family blog where she shares easy recipes, simple crafts, educational activities, personal photos and stories, product reviews, and more.