Free Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Free Sterling Silver with real Gemstones, no catch, no gimmicks, no obligation . . .

I was browsing for some silver rings and pendants in a major high end department store this past weekend. I was wondering what their mark-up was on silver jewelry. For example, I was admiring this one ring that was $100 retail. Then the store was offering a 50% off sale plus an additional 15% off on top of that for one day only.

This website offers their customers free sterling silver jewelry. The only money you have to pay is the shipping and handling, which is just $6.99 per piece. You cannot combine shipping, so you need to order each item separately. $6.99 for a sterling silver pendant, ring, or pair of earrings! . . . How can you beat that?

I know you must think there is a catch. I was weary the first time I purchased from them myself. I figured, what's the worst that could happen? I would only lose $6.99 if it was a hoax. Well, I was surprisingly pleased. I received a quality piece of jewelry . . . not flimsy at all. I have had some pieces for almost a year now and none of them have tarnished.

Some facts:

-You have the option to add a chain to go with your pendants for a few extra dollars.
-The items do not come gift boxed, but the ones I have received came in a mini zip-closure bag inside a cute little mesh drawstring pouch.
-Only 4 items are available to be purchased at once. Every 15 minutes, one item disappears and a new one appears in it's place. Once an item is gone, you have no idea when it will reappear again so you have to make up your mind right then. (It's so much fun to shop this way, but it is addictive.)
-There is a link where you can preview the next few items that are coming up.
-You should get a confirmation for each order via email. (I only had one instance where I did not receive an email, but I did receive the item just as expected.)

I highly recommend that you keep this website in mind when doing your holiday shopping. You can really save a lot of money if you have a long list of people to buy for.