Thursday Thirteen (No. 1): 13 Magazine Subscription Freebies

Thirteen Free Magazine Subscriptions

1. Family Fun
2. Interview
3. TV Guide
4. Working Mother
5. Outside's Go
6. Inc.
7. Fast Company
8. Bridal Guide
9. Boating
10. Golf Digest
11. Track Record
12. Lego Magazine
13. Outside Magazine

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More about receiving magazine subscriptions through Rewards Gold:

It is pretty easy to score free subscriptions through Rewards Gold. You usually just need to fill out a brief form reviewing a common everyday item, sign up to receive offers (You get to choose which type of offer, like freebies for example), and refer a friend (For this I get permission from someone I know who has an email especially for such things).

I can personally attest that this is not a scam. I have received every magazine I or my husband have signed up for. In addition to some of the ones mentioned above, we have received free subscriptions to the following magazines:



Car & Driver

Metropolitan Home



Elle Decor

Harper's Bazaar


Sherman's Travel



Business Week

U.S. News & World Report