"Label Everything Please!"

"Label everything please" are words that I read over and over again on newsletters from my son's preschool. I have looked into purchasing labels made especially for this and that, but I cannot seem to find any that will just let me buy one or two. For example, I wanted a bag tag for my son's backpack, but I could not find anyplace that sold one singly rather than in a pack. He only has one backpack and I could not bring myself to spend the money on extra ones that we would not use. The same applied to shoe labels and clothing labels. I would not mind writing my son's name on the labels inside his clothing with a permanent marker, but they will most likely be worn by his younger brother someday. Another dilemma is that a lot of his shirts are made tagless by the manufacturers now. What do I do then?

Then I remembered that I have a DYMO Labelmaker. I have used it to help me organize things around the house by labeling bins for small toys, crayons, markers, etc . . . That is all I have ever used it for though. I was not sure if I could use it on shoes and clothing, so I had to do some research about the various uses for my label maker.

The DYMO Labelmaker I have is similar to the one pictured in the center. I was so glad I went to the website because it was full of tips about ways to use my label maker that I have never thought of myself. For example, you can buy iron-on tape to label clothing or magnetic tape to use on your refrigerator. Imagine the possibilities of making your own magnetic words for your child to practice making sentences right on your refrigerator!

I have been known to be frugal, so I am thrilled to be able to label my son's clothing, shoes and boots, books, diecast cars, calculator, and backpack without spending $20+ on a set of labels for each category. That would have run me about $100. I would much rather spend that money on the actual clothes and shoes, rather than spending it on labeling them.