Thursday Thirteen (No. 2): Child-Friendly Restaurants

Thirteen Kid-Friendly Restaurants (In the Northeast)

1. TGI Fridays (Has slings for infant carriers to sit in)
2. The Olive Garden (Has slings for infant carriers to sit in)
3. Bertucci’s (Provides pizza dough for your children to play with.)
4. Friendly’s (Many choices on children’s menu)
5. Bugaboo Creek Steak House (Animated and talking woodland creatures)
6. Uno’s Chicago Grill (A magician for entertainment some evenings)
7. Johny Rockets (50's diner atmosphere that offers PB&J on the menu)
8. Brigham’s (Mmmmm . . . ice cream)
9. IHOP (Offers kids menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
10. Bickford’s Grille
11. McDonald’s
12. Burger King
13. Wendy’s

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