I Have Been Honored With An Award!

Bridgette of The Not-So-Blog Blog has honored me with this very special award. Since Bridgette disclosed six things that make her happy in her post, I would like to do the same . . .

1) Hearing my children laugh
2) Seeing my husband smile
3) Finding the perfect gift for somebody
4) Baking double thick Hershey's Kiss chocolate chunk brownies and eating a corner piece while it's still warm
5) Taking photos of my children and having at least 1 out of 20 turn out decent
6) Spending time together with my family without being in a rush

Now I would like to pass this award along to these six creative bloggers . . .
Alisha of Izzy 'n' Emmy
Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama
Jennifer of Design My Handbag

Thank you again, Bridgette!!