A New Way to Enjoy Holiday Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving, better known as "Black Friday" has certainly changed since I was a little girl. I remember going shopping with my sister and my cousin every year. It was leisurely and very enjoyable.

Are you one of those people who stand in line at 5am for doorbusters on Black Friday every year? If you are, I applaud you. I personally could never do that, especially if I knew there was a chance the item would be sold out before I reached the front of the line. It use to be that black friday ads would not be unveiled until the week of the long-awaited day, but times have changed.

How would you like to snag that unbelievably low-priced notebook computer at Best Buy or one of each color of that $5 fleece from Old Navy without having to leave your house? I for one would love it, except I would replace that laptop with an SLR digital camera from Ritz Camera. Well, now you can do just that through iBlackFriday.com.

You can preview black friday sales weeks in advance. iBlackFriday.com will show you how to buy advertised items online the morning of Black Friday as well as provide you with a directory of promo codes. There are already some black friday ads available to view right now and more are being added as Thanksgiving approaches. I can't wait to see what specials will be advertised for BJ's Wholesale Club, Target, and Walmart. The ads for Toys R Us and Sears are already up! So what are you waiting for?