Anyone Else Cutting Back This Christmas?

My household is cutting way back this Christmas. The changes we are implementing will really help save us some money. My husband and I will not be exchanging gifts this holiday. We will only be stuffing each other's stockings. We decided not to buy gifts for the cousins, nieces, and nephews who are 18 and older. We have set a lower budget for our own children's gifts from us as well as the ones from good ole Saint Nick. Overall, we lowered the budget for everybody's gifts.

Christmas is not the only place where we have tried to decrease our spending. There are some expenses that are unavoidable, like car maintenance for example. It has taken awhile for my husband to get the concept that inexpensive does not necessarily mean poor quality. When I first met him he only wore brand names and would not consider buying a pair of shoes that cost less than $75. After working on him for 13 years, he now can buy store brand cookies without blinking and has learned that it is okay to be a little warm during the summer rather than keeping our house at a constant 70 degrees.

Other areas where we have cut back are ones like clothing, watches, and eyeglasses. I admit I used to be a lover of DKNY, Coach bags, and designer frames. That was fine when I was young, single, and did not have a mortgage. According to the book "Living Rich By Spending Smart" there is a website where you can order your glasses online for as low as $8 per pair. So I checked out this website and found out that I can get a pair of glasses with thin transition lenses in a nice frame for a small fraction of what I paid for my current pair which I purchased at our local mall. In fact, it would be less expensive for me to buy a complete pair of glasses online than it would be for me to just change the lenses on my existing glasses at the local eyeglass store. This is exactly the kind of information I have been collecting to help save my family money.