Creative Gift-Giving During Tough Times

When I worked as a furniture consultant, we kept an instant camera on hand in the store. The reason for that was we use to assist some customers in choosing gifts, such as a recliner or dining room set. Sometimes these gifts could not be delivered in time for the occasion, so we would take a photo of either the item alone or the item with the person purchasing the gift. Then the customer would put the photo in a box and wrap it up all pretty to present to their special someone. It was the perfect way to give a delayed gift.

I was thinking about this method of presenting a gift because of the current state of our economy. Instead of disappointing your children who wanted that Nintendo Wii more than anything else in the whole world, a delayed gift might be the solution. Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is a great program. Until December 12th, you can put most items on layaway and have up to 8 weeks to pay it off. If you need an extra pay cycle or two to pay for a gift, but want to reserve it so it does not sell out, just follow these four easy steps . . .

1) Choose which item or items you would like to put on layaway. There are very specific items that are not allowed, such as alcohol and periodicals.

2) When you take your items to the Layaway Counter, you will be required to pay $15 or 10% of your purchase (whichever amount is higher). This $15 is non-refundable if you cancel the layaway, default on the layaway, or return merchandise that was on layaway.

3) Every two weeks, you must make a payment equalling a minimum of 25% of the original balance. If you are late with your payment, the merchandise will be returned to the sales floor after a 7-day grace period.

4) Take your item(s) home when you make your last payment.

Just think . . . the next best thing to opening the ultimate gift on Christmas morning is the anticipation of getting that gift in the near future.
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