Invest in Your Future and Your Country

This innovative program called Rebuilding of America offers a new spin on the old idea of investing in CDs (certificates of deposit). For only $25, you can invest in your own future as well as that of the United States. Read on to learn how . . .

By investing $25 ($20 plus a $5 processing fee), your money will be pooled with that of other small investors to purchase commercial property at a low price. Next this property will be remodeled and sold for a profit. 100% of the profit will be returned to you the investor.

As CEO Jim Jameson explains, Rebuilding of America will be successful and profitable for its investors because "By keeping the minimum investment low, it is a straight-up opportunity for everyone who can afford $20 to participate in the change we really need and ultimately in the profits." This point speaks to me personally because my husband and I do not have a large sum of money to invest in stocks and bonds or CDs that have a high minimum deposit requirement.

Now this method of investment is FDIC insured just like a standard CD you would purchase from your local bank. So would you prefer to invest your money in a CD where you do not know where your money is going or would you like to know that your investment is actually being used to improve the state of you country . . . that it is actually making a difference in someone's community?