Kmart Brings Layaways Back

Do you remember the days when putting things on layaway was a common thing to do? Not just with departments stores, but even in mall stores. If you wanted a nice new winter coat, it was likely that you would put it on layaway. After all, layaway is better than charging on credit cards. With layaway, there is no interest charged. You just do not get to take home the item until it has been fully paid for. With proper planning, this is a great system!

In response to our country's economic state, a major national discount chain has brought back their Kmart Lay-Away program. This is the perfect answer for those of us who are struggling economically this holiday.

When it comes to holiday shopping, I am an avid planner. I start my list the week after Christmas. Then I pick things up throughout the year. I always try to find the perfect thing for each person. For example, this Lego Millennium Falcon would be a dream gift for my husband. It is extravagant and he would never expect it. I have watched him drool over this item every time we pass by the Lego Store in the mall.

This item is $525 after sales tax in my state. That is quite a bit of money to pay all at once, but with proper planning, this dream gift seems more affordable being paid off in increments over the course of 8 weeks with no interest charges. You are required to make a deposit initially and a payment at least once every 2 weeks, which is fitting, since almost everyone is being paid bi-weekly these days. Keep Kmart in mind during your next holiday shopping trip before you whip out that credit card.


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