MomDot Party (Day 3): Holiday Shopping

Today is the 3rd day of the MomDot Christmas of Dreams Blog Party, which is running through the 27th of November.

Today's topic is . . .

When do you start Christmas shopping? How do you budget for Christmas? Do you stick to your budget?

I usually start my Christmas shopping at the beginning of the year. I make a list of the perfect gift (that I can afford) for each person I want to buy for. This gives me a lot of time to find the perfect gift for an exceptional price. If I can't think of a particular item for some people, I leave it blank until I do or until I happen to see something that would suit them.

I do not have a strict budget (which I actually should) about how much to spend overall or for each person. There is a mental limit. For instance, I could find something wonderful and think it is a great price for my sister's gift, but it is too much to spend on my child's teacher. I also have a general range for gifts for each of our children.

This year we sort of stuck to our budget, but not really. ;P We spent a lot more on our oldest son than we should have because his Santa gift is something all three children will enjoy. We did cut back a little on each of the other Santa's gifts and the gifts from my husband and myself to help make up for it.

If you'd like to join in on the blog party, it's not too late! There's still plenty of more fun to be had.

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