Classic and New Age Personalized Gifts


When it comes to personalized holiday gifts, you know I am all for them. Custom personalization can make almost any gift a meaningful one. When you think of a laser engraved gift, a pen is just classic, but what if you are looking for something for someone from Generation-X or younger?

Pexagon brings the perfect gifts for the younger generation . . . the take a notebook computer with me everywhere I go generation. I am referring to laser engraved personalized flash drives, thumb drives, and business card drives. If you start looking around, you will see flash drives hanging around people's necks, around their wrists, on their key rings, just about anywhere. You will see them on business people, on professors, on students, on administrators.

Until the end of 2008, Pexagon is offering 20% off the four great gift ideas pictured above. After this discount, the personalized pens start at only $1.59 each. This is a perfect gift if you need something for each person on your staff and the price is right. The personalized thumb drives start at $7.99 each. The business card flash drives and the wooden USB flash drives start at $15.99 each.

I am going to have to keep these personalized storage items in mind for future gifts. I am always stumped about what to get for a new college graduate or just someone who has everything. The thumb drives are priced just right for teachers' gifts or if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a co-worker that is not too personal. If I had known about these earlier, I would have gotten one for a stocking stuffer for my husband. There's always next year though!