For All You Last Minute Shoppers . . .

I am not a last minute shopper. I think I am too much of a planner to let that happen. Even the thought of getting towards the last two weeks before Christmas without having all my gifts purchased and wrapped, whether it's my children's or the mail carrier's, could send me into a panic attack.

This year, my husband and I decided to only do stockings for each other and not exchange gifts. This is one way we are trying to tighten our belts. Even though we had made this agreement, I had been thinking about surprising my husband with something. There is a 32" HDTV at Kmart for $429.99 . I could tell a little white lie and say it is for the whole family. Well, I have a few days left to think about it.

If you are a last minute shopper at heart, then you could find all your last minute gifts from Kmart in one stop. They have 25,000 gifts in-store for under $25. If I was not already done with my shopping, here are some of the items I would pick for my own family . . .

-Halex 27" Table Top Soccer for $24.99 (for my oldest son)
-Dora & Boots Reversible Throw and Pillow Set for $14.99 (for my toddler daughter)
-Truck & Trailer Set with 17 Diecast Cars for $20.00 (also for my oldest son)
-My First Craftsman Deluxe Rolling Toolbox for $19.99 (for my toddler son)
-Norelco Mulit-Purpose Grooming Kit with Cordless Trimmer for $17.99 (for my dear husband)

Some other ideas for under $25 would be a Leapster game, if you know any lucky kid who is getting a Leapster2 for Christmas this year. Don't forget there are always sweaters, pajamas, jewelry, and school clothes for fashion-savvy teens and tweens. For those of you who are starting to panic, I hope this gives you some ideas to help cross some names off your shopping list. Good luck with your shopping!