Giveaway: The SmartShopper

SPP Reviews is giving away one of these SmartShoppers to one lucky reader! Head on over there by December 28th, 2008 to enter to win it. Each person can earn up to 4 entries.

You do not understand how much I need one of these! I often send my husband to the grocery store because he drives by just about everything on the way home from work. The problem is that he is a special needs shopper. He needs the list to be written in the order in which the aisles progress or else he'll forget something. He needs me to write out the exact brand name (even though we've been using the same brand for 13 years) or he might pick up the wrong thing. He needs me to write out the exact weight or size of the item or else he is likely to pick the size that is not on sale. This little gadget would help greatly. I'm sure it's stressful for my husband to shop because he forgets things or picks up the wrong size so often. The SmartShopper would help him stay organized and will remind him if he's forgotten something.