ISO Sponsors For An Upcoming Giveaway Event

I am planning a giveaway event for the beginning of March. I have several sponsors already, but would like to openly invite any boutique owners to participate. The theme of this event is "Fun With Flowers" and all the prizes should be related to flowers in some way. If you have an item that would fit into this broad category and would like to donate a prize in exchange for two months of ad space on my sidebar and traffic from each person who enters your contest, just drop me an email at 3janbabies[at]gmail[dot]com. This is the time to start promoting your items for springtime and Easter.

Bloggers Give

Also, any participating sponsor who would also like to donate an item to the charitable organization Bloggers Give will get a permanent text link on my sidebar, as well as a permanent place on the Bloggers Give Sponsor Listing, which includes your boutique's button, link, and description.