Kmart Social Media Marketing Case Study

If you did a lot of blog hopping this past holiday season, then you may have noticed that KMart was going after the benefits of social media marketing full force. Having personally taken part in the blogging portion of this campaign, it was interesting to read the Social Media Case Study published about it by Izea.

The three main things this campaign focused on were the Kmart layaway program, buying holiday gifts online at, and the purchasing of gift cards as an alternative to selecting a gift. Aside from prime time television spots, blogging is the quickest way to generate buzz about any topic. In this case, Kmart wanted to regain their "name" as a competitor of Target and Walmart as well as establish their website as one of the places that will pop into your head when you are searching online for a specific item for a good price.

The Kmart social media marketing blitz was not limited to blogs. It also encompassed other networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and many more. To prove the power of blogging alone, Izea counted 3481 comments on Kmart campaign posts during this past holiday season. That is nothing to sneeze at. Let us not forget the many people who visit our blogs but almost never leave comments.

Some other ways Kmart took advantage of the power of bloggers is to sponsor blogs with pop-under ads. There was also more straight-forward advertising using banners on the Social Spark homepage and on the Blogger's Choice Awards for 2009.

So was this social media marketing campaign a success? I judge the results as yes. Kmart was able to surpass and maintain average sales well above the industry trend thanks to approximately 700 blog posts, 3256 tweets, plus exposure on Facebook,, vimeo, flickr, and It will be interesting to see how long the effects of this campaign will last.