Social Network Overload

We were discussing on a forum only two days ago about how we (the mom blogger) are feeling overwhelmed by all the new social networks and groups out there. I think I personally receive an invitation to a new one at least once a week. I must say that I use to accept almost every invitation I received, but now I have to risk hurting someone's feeling and decline some invites. I never want to offend anyone, but what is the point of joining a group if you cannot find the time to show up to participate?


It seems like there is a network for almost everything now, doesn't it? I've seen ones for mom bloggers, for crafters, for women from Boston, and now I've seen one for redheads? I think that is a novel idea. I'm not a redhead and I don't have a redhead fetish, but I checked out the site anyways. appears to be a fun site. They have a small, but active forum community. There are videos and a photo gallery that are only accessible by registered members. They even have a Cafe Press store for logo-wear. The part that looks like the most fun about this site is that anyone can post a poll or a quiz, both of which have their own sections. It also appears that their members have a wide age range. If I were a redhead and did not belong to so many other online communities, would be a fun place to stop in once in awhile. I probably would not visit daily because there are other networks in which I have more specific things in common with the members aside from the color of my hair.