Taking Steps to Sell Our Home

Recently, I have been thinking ahead for when my husband and I will have the opportunity to sell our 2-bedroom townhouse and move to a larger single family home. The housing market is so terrible in Massachusetts right now, I am predicting we will have to do a lot more work to raise the perceived value of our home. This will definitely include installing hardwood floors to the second story plus remodeling our upstairs bathroom.

The bathroom is pretty hideous. The fixtures are goldtone, the bathtub and toilet are dark chocolate brown and the vanity and walls are linoleum. Yikes, right? I think my husband once jokingly referred to the style as "Egyptian chic." When shopping for bathroom vanities, I will be looking for something simple that will go with any one's taste. I do want the appearance of quality, but I definitely will not want to pay full price for something I am going to have to leave behind. Locally, quality bath furnishings cost quite a bit. You all know that I am an avid online shopper, but what would the freight cost on something like this? Well, I actually came across a free shipping promotion online for bathroom vanity sets, dining room sets, and bedroom furniture! On top of that, some of the bathroom vanities were on sale for half off.

I wonder if I could convince my husband to take advantage of the sale on bedroom furniture and dining sets too? It is unlikely that we will be able to vacate the house before we put it on the market. New furniture would definitely help the perceived value of our home. It would be a good investment because we can take it with us to enjoy in our new home.