TOP PICK for Kids (No. 5): Framed Custom Artwork

Our next Top Pick for Kids is a set of customized framed artwork by The Framed Frog. I won these during the last Bloggy Giveaway Carnival and I was so amazed by Jeanette's talent.

First of all, look how nicely each framed piece of art is presented . . .

For my 3 works of art, I was able to specify the following:

- Color of the frames
- Subject or theme of the artwork
- Colors to be used in the artwork
- A cartoon or a realistic style
- A name (or something else) for personalization
- A ribbon hanger or a sawtooth hanger

The 3 pieces could be completely different or they could be coordinated. I chose cartoon representations of three of our pets to be personalized with each of my children's names. I only described the color of each dog or cat and the depictions are perfect. My children were so thrilled when they saw these. They could recognize each pet right away.

I have to point out that Jeanette was extremely pleasant to deal with. The communication was exceptional and the turn around time for the order was only 3 or 4 days.

Other things you should know about The Framed Frog:

1) The selection of items at this boutique is not limited to framed art.
2) All items are hand painted or hand drawn by the artist.
3) Each item is delivered gift wrapped and ready to give.
4) The boutique owner also authors two blogs . . . Temporary Insanity and The Scrappy Frog.
5) At the moment, this boutique only ships within the U.S.

As always, any store owner who has an item featured as an ABOG Top Pick is welcome to display the badge on their website or blog.