Zenni Optical Earns a Mention in the New York Times

Where does the New York Times suggest you go if you are looking for extremely affordable eyeglasses? They actually point you to Zenni Optical, where you can find prescription eyeglasses for as low as $8.00 .

I took some time to look around the Zenni website. I have started to feel a lot of strain on my eyes recently. It could have something to do with the many hours I spend staring at this LCD screen. A few years ago, I found out that I actually needed bifocals, so I currently wear progressive lenses. I found it very helpful that Zenni has a separate section for bifocal and progressive frames.

I actually really like this pair. It stands out to me because I currently wear dark rimmed frames, but I also have worn red-tone frames in the past. These frames are similar to what I have now, but they have a little extra something. My philosophy is that if I have wear glasses, I might as well make a statement with them. What that statement is has yet to be determined.

These glasses with anti-reflective coating and progressive lenses would cost under $70 before you factor in any shipping charges or sales tax. Now that sounds a lot better than the $450 I spent on my current pair. With these frames from Zenni, I could afford two pairs. I wouldn't have to panic and scream at my children every time I see them reaching for my glasses. I could have a spare and still save a few hundred dollars. I could even buy two different colors to match my mood. At these prices, why not?!