75-80% Off . . . Sears End-of-the-Season Clearance Sale

What is my favorite thing about the beginning of springtime? . . . Well, all the end-of-the-season winter clearance sales of course! This is when I buy most of my children's fall and winter clothes for the next year. I especially like snagging a great deal on outerwear. With three children, it sure adds up when you count all the outerwear, tops, bottoms, pajamas, shoes, and any other seasonal items they may need.

I rarely shop for my husband or myself since we don't really outgrow our clothes. That statement is true if you do not count the effects of both my pregnancies. Anyways, I just have to point out this really cute stretch twill jacket from Sears that caught my eye. This jacket is marked down from $48 to just $14.99! I love anything brown, but this particular jacket really speaks to me because it is a little edgy and just stands out. I'm not a big fan of blending in.

Guess where we are headed tomorrow! I still have a portion of a Sears gift card my children received for Christmas. I am going to look for some winter clothes for them for the Fall 2009/Winter 2010 season. At 75% to 80% off the original prices, how can you resist? Even my husband told me we should go take a gander and he is not a big fan of shopping. If I find anything extra impressive, I will make sure I blog about it. Hurry, the sale ends April 18th!

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