Alternatives to Lighting Candles

Due to the number of pets we have in our home (some of them being elderly), we have had an ongoing problem with unpleasant odors for quite awhile now. This never use to be a problem because I use to be a candle and tart burning fanatic. In fact, I use to work in a candle store, so you can imagine how many candles I had at home. There was at least one candle for each room in the house I would say.

Since our 5yr old was born, I have stopped burning candles. I suppose I suddenly developed a fear of causing a fire. I think I have only lit a candle once or twice during the past five years and that was only during power outages. So now I want to re-examine my options as far as room fresheners for the house. I use to buy jelly jars from a local mall store that were little glass jars filled with scented gel that would evaporate into the air. Well, I had looked there during the past two holiday seasons for those jelly jars only to be disappointed that they have not brought them back into their line.

So now I have to do some thinking about what my other options are that do not involve a fire hazard. One thing I've thought of is a plug-in type air freshener, but I really do not have any unblocked outlets available that are up high. That is something I wouldn't want my toddlers to get their hands on. I have thought of scented oils and potpourri, but I'm concerned that our cats will get into it. There is also the option of battery-operated room scenters, but I would rather not have the extra expense of replacing batteries on top of the obvious cost of purchasing refills. While browsing for other options online, I came across reed diffusers on I wonder if I could get away with those? Does anyone use these or something similar who also has cats? I'd be interested to hear about your experience.

Also if anyone has any other suggestions for kid-friendly and pet friendly alternatives to candles and tart burners, feel free to share. I miss having my house smelling nice all the time!