TOP PICK for Kids (No. 6): Felt Play Foods

I am excited to bring you yet another great find from a small business-owner . . .

This past Easter, I once again proved that I am not capable of making small Easter baskets. I had found a great deal on licensed character tin lunchboxes to put in my 3 children's baskets, so I had to search for something to go inside them. I came across these handmade felt foods on Etsy at RoxStar Designs.

There are many choices for felt pretend foods on Etsy. I chose to purchase from RoxStar Designs because the selection consisted of foods which were items that my children would easily recognize, foods that they love to eat, and the items were reasonably priced.

I was extremely pleased with what I received. The customer has the option to choose whether some items are stitched together or left apart. For example, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich can be left in layers for your little chef or it can be permanently stitched to create one unit. You can also choose whether your sugar cookies have beaded sprinkles or colorful thread sprinkles, chocolate or pink frosting on your doughnuts, grape or strawberry jelly in your pb&j sandwich, etc . . .

Other things you should know about RoxStar Designs:

1) The selection of products in this boutique also includes other items, such as magnets, cloth diapers, and cloth baby wipes.

2) The felt used for these products is made of recycled bottles.

3) All felt foods are made-to-order. The turnaround time is 10 days or less depending on how many orders are ahead of yours.

4) This boutique ships to the U.S., but you may inquire about shipping to Canada.

5) This boutique accepts payments in the form of Paypal and money orders.

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