2010 Jewelry Gift Guide

Please browse the gift ideas we have come across for jewelry items throughout 2010. We hope you will find this gift guide to be helpful in finding the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

Perfect Recipients: mother, grandmother, aunt, god-mother, guardian, teacher

Perfect Occasions: Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas, mom-to-be, baby shower, traveling overseas, just because

Description: The Jizo and the Chibi represent different roles. One represents the protector or guardian and the other represents a child or your inner child. These Buddhist-themed jewelry pieces are available in sterling silver and in 18k gold vermeil.

Price: $50 to $190

Review: Read it here


NOTE: The majority of products listed in this gift guide are ones we have personally had the opportunity to use and report on in the form of a product review. The products featured here without a link to a product review have not been tested by us, but appeared to be a pleasing gift and have been included in this gift guide for a small fee. Please remember that this guide exists to offer gift ideas and you, as a smart consumer, should not base your purchases solely on the recommendation of this gift guide.