2010 Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

Please browse the gift ideas we have come across for stocking stuffers throughout 2010. We hope you will find this gift guide to be helpful in finding the perfect small-scale gifts for someone special in your life.

Perfect Recipients: any child ages 3 and up

Perfect Occasions: birthdays, Christmas, stocking stuffers, just because

Description: The transparent cars light up when tapped on a hard surface. Child can apply the decals that accompany these individual cars, adding to the fun of these light-up cars.

Price: $5.99

Review: Read it here


Perfect Recipients: boys, preschoolers, grade schoolers, twins, brothers

Perfect Occasions: birthdays, Christmas, 1st day of school, new big brother, stocking stuffer, just because

Description: These trendy thick cotton bracelets for boys come in 7 different designs. Each design is available in 2 different sizes . . . one for ages up to 4 years and one for 4 to 7 years. Bracelets have a snap closure.

Price: $8

Review: Read it here


Gift: Customized Chocolate Bars

Perfect Recipients: any chocolate-lover 3 years and older

Perfect Occasions: birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, retirement, stocking stuffers, Father's Day, Mother's Day, thank you's, just because

Description: The customers chooses from dark, milk, or white chocolate and then is able to select up to 5 premium ingredients to customize their chocolate bar, including some popular greetings. Bulk orders are accepted for events and special occasions. The price is determined by which ingredients the customer selects.

Price: $3.95 and up

Review: N/A


Gift: Scent of a Name Personalized Perfume for Girls

Perfect Recipients: any girl age 3 and up

Perfect Occasions: birthday, Easter basket, stocking stuffer, Christmas, new big sister, great report card, just because

Description: This line of roll-on perfume for girls comes with a personalized bottle and scent. Rosemary's Scents researches your child's name and blends essential oils to create a perfume that reflects the meaning of the name.

Price: $7.00

Review: Read it here


Perfect Recipients: children ages 3 to 9

Perfect Occasions: birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, stocking stuffer, reward, just because

Description: Accompanied by the free online interactive website about endangered species www.YoohooAndFriends.com, these unique plush animals are available in a keychain all the way up to a 24" plush. The selection includes a wide variety of endangered species from around the globe. Some sizes make lovable sounds when their tummies are pressed.

Price: $7.00 to $110.00

Review: Read it here


Perfect Recipients: women, teens, college students

Perfect Occasions: birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, stocking stuffer, just because

Description: A perfect item to accompany a gift card for a shopping trip, these reusable totes transform into a compact 4" roll and come in a wide array of attractive prints to fit anyone's style.

Price: $8.50 each or $37.95/set of 5

Review: Read it here


Perfect Recipients: girlfriend, bachelorette, fiance, wife

Perfect Occasions: Valentine's Day, Christmas, bridal shower, bachelorette party, just because

Description: These bold tattoo-style graphic camisoles and panties come in a variety of vividly-colored designs. The camisoles are available with or without built-in shelf bras. The panties come in boy shorts, bikinis, and thongs.

Price: $26.95 - $33.95 (Further discounts may be offered by retailer)


NOTE: The majority of products listed in this gift guide are ones we have personally had the opportunity to use and report on in the form of a product review. The products featured here without a link to a product review have not been tested by us, but appeared to be a pleasing gift and have been included in this gift guide for a small fee. Please remember that this guide exists to offer gift ideas and you, as a smart consumer, should not base your purchases solely on the recommendation of this gift guide.