What's On Your Valentine's Wishlist?

Since Valentine's Day arrives less than two months after Christmas, I was wondering something. Do you and your significant other have an arrangement to give each other that one thing each really wanted for Christmas, but did not receive? I mean you literally have from December 26th until February 14th to compare shopping prices starting with the after Christmas shopping deals.

I really think this is a great idea. I seriously do not think I would be insisting on banning practical gifts for Valentine's Day if I truly needed something, such as a new mobile phone, a new vacuum cleaner, or a new refrigerator. Heck, if it makes it more romantic, my husband can put a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling grape juice in the refrigerator before he surprises me with it.

I think everyone should consider doing this. Waiting from December 26th all the way until Mother's Day or Father's Day is too long of a wait for something you really need (or want).

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