He Likes: Abraham Lincoln, Certified Bad A...

I just read Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter on a friends recommendation (I never would have read it otherwise) and it was fantastic.

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith, the book is written as if the author stumbled upon an actual journal that Lincoln kept about his exploits as a vampire hunter. I know what you are thinking: NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE BOOK! But this story is different. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is not another romantic (read: sissy) vampire story like the dozens that litter the bookstore shelves. This book is about a rough and tumble world filled with tragedy and challenge.

But the real magic to this book is Abraham himself portrayed as a tough guy hero, it is great fun. Seth Grahame-Smith does an impressive job of integrating this fictional element into the real history of Abraham Lincoln and the United States. The skill required to intertwine fiction with actual history is epic and Seth gets it right.

Are you suffering from vampire fatigue? Are you looking for a book that's different and clever? If you are I highly recommend this book. I read it on my Amazon Kindle but it is available in print as well.


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