She Likes: Silver & Marcasite Garnet Glass Heart Necklace

Remember when I wrote this "She Wants" post about this oh-so-romantic Silver Marcasite Glass Heart Necklace and how I would love to have it for Valentine's Day?  I was so sad at the time because it was out of stock.  Well, guess what showed up at our door yesterday?  Todd bought it for me after the necklace was back in stock!  Since I already saw the box, he was sweet enough to give it to me now, even though it is 2 weeks before Valentine's Day.

The one worry I had about this necklace was whether it would look as brilliant as it did in the stock photo when it was being worn against the body and not being held up to the light.  I just had to take this photo to show everyone how pretty the heart is while on my person.  I truly love it!!


This article was based on my own personal experience with this product, which was purchased with our own funds.  No compensation was received for sharing my experience with our readers.