She Wants: Monkey-Themed Acrylic Tumblers for Children

Recently, we decided that the our preschoolers were ready to give up their straw cups once and for all.  So we graduated them to small glasses and water bottles for both inside and outside the home.  We already own an odd assortment of glasses, which includes six matching tumbles from Pottery Barn Kids and a small handful of licensed character tumblers.  Since I had purchased the six from Pottery Barn Kids for our oldest a few years ago, it is unlikely the store is still carrying the same style.  Although I do not need all the glasses to match, I do think it looks less cluttered when it seems like everything clearly belongs.  Having such different shapes and sizes prevents them from stacking neatly as well.

While I was killing time in our local Target store yesterday, I saw these colorful acrylic monkey tumblers that are about the size of a juice glass.  Since we always make monkey references when it comes to our children, these tumblers really caught my eye.  They would work for both boys and girls plus they are dishwasher safe on the top-rack.

Although I enjoy the occasional treasure hunt, I am not a bargain hunter by any means.  These glasses are priced at only $1.49 each, which is a third of what Pottery Barn Kids would usually charge for one of their small tumblers.  This made me hesitate and wonder about the quality.  Now having thought about it, I think I will pick up a whole set of these glasses next time I go to Target.  If it turns out that the quality is not great, then it would not be a huge loss since the investment was so small.