She Likes: Silver Diamond-Shaped Filigree Chandelier Pendant

I purchased this 2-1/2" tall Sterling Silver Filigree Chandelier Pendant on a whim for $16.99.  I knew it was a risk because I had never worn a pendant that large before.  When I received it and tried it on, I was still on the fence and wondered if I had made a mistake in buying it.  Then I figured out what the problem was.  The pendant came on a very thin open link 18" silver chain.  It was so thin, it looked like a child could break it easily.  Although the pendant is very light in weight, such a large pendant looked very odd on such a thin chain.  Also, the 18" chain made the pendant hit far too low on my neckline.  So I replaced the chain with one of my own thin 16" box chains and now I love it!

Although I am wearing the necklace now, it is really better suited for warmer weather when necklines are more open.  I think it would be the perfect accessory if you could only bring one with you on vacation.


This article was based on my own personal experience with this product, which was purchased with our own funds.  No compensation was received for sharing my experience with our readers.