She Wants: A Compact Hide-A-Way Laptop Desk

Someday, when we move to a larger house, hopefully there will be a separate office that my husband and I can share.  Currently, I have a desk crammed into our already cramped bedroom and my husband uses one end of the dining table.  Having his laptop and small stack of papers as a permanent fixture there is not ideal at all.  When I saw this extremely compact Hide-A-Way Desk, I immediately thought this could be a possible solution for us.

At only 22" square, this desk could easily be disguised as a table just by putting a small floral arrangement on top while the desk is closed.  There is even a storage compartment underneath the seat for hiding a laptop, papers, and other things.  My only concern is whether the seat would be comfortable for a 6 foot tall man and whether it would be large enough for a laptop user who prefers to use a mouse.  If only it were 6" wider and deeper.