She Wants: Jars That Double as Drinking Glasses from Crate & Barrel

I just received a new Crate & Barrel catalog in the mail today and, as usual, I fell in love with several products for the home.  One of the first things that caught my eye was the Working Glass With Lid.  I have seen covered glasses before, but the lids usually just sit on top and do not seal.  There are a couple of problems these glasses would solve for us.  One is cat-related.  Every time I leave a glass of water on my desk, one of our cats will jump on my desk and put her paws in my drink.  I often try to lay a napkin on top of my mug or glass just to discourage her.  The second problem these glasses would solve for us is child-related.  Our twin preschoolers often are inconsistent about how much milk, water, or juice they can finish in one sitting.  I would love to be able to put a lid on their beverage and put it back in the refrigerator for later.

These glasses come in a 14oz and a 21oz size.  The smaller one is sold with the lid for just $1.95 for the set.  All 3 pieces are sold separately, as well.  These would also be perfect for keeping snacks on my desk, which are also subject to theft by feline when I leave them in a bowl.  What would you use working glasses for?