She Wants: The Tilt Bowl from Crate & Barrel

Since we received quite a bit of candy for the holidays, I suddenly found myself with a row of rice bowls on our kitchen island filled with different types of sweets.  We do not normally keep much candy in the house, but I started to think that perhaps I needed a candy dish so that our rice bowls can be once again used for rice.  I thought about a covered candy dish, but decided that it was not a good idea with small children around.  How quickly do you think that lid would get broken?

When I saw these Crate & Barrel Tilt Bowls in the most recent catalog, I thought to myself that the 5.5"D Small Tilt Bowl would be perfect for a candy dish.  There is no lid to break and the angle of the bowl's mouth just seems so inviting, as if to say, "Take one!"  The simple style of this bowl also fits in with our decor better than lead crystal would.  (Not so sure that I'm sold on the matching tea light holders though.  I think I'd like the flame to be more contained since we have curious children and cats in our home.)

- Karen