She Wants: Unique Multicolor CZ Gemstone Eternity Ring

Throughout my adult life, I have considered purchasing a multicolor gemstone ring more than once.  I love the idea of it, but I just did not think that a mix of amethyst or garnet, blue topaz, and peridot were for me.  I am not usually one to wear light colors, but rather I prefer richer tones, like reds, sapphire blues, purples, and browns.  Throw in the fact that I rarely wear prints and that I do not usually like too much sparkle (I'm the one girl in the world that asked for a slightly smaller diamond on my engagement ring), it pretty much made it impossible to find a multicolor gemstone ring that was right for me.  I had given up on the idea for years until I saw this unusual Champagne, Canary, and Peridot CZ Eternity Ring.

First of all, a multi-color ring with this particular color combination is not too common.  I even Googled it.  I like that the colors are very neutral and, although there are many CZs in this ring, the eternity band style makes the ring more subtle than a cocktail style ring.  Plus it is very affordable.  The band and setting is sterling silver and the ring is available in sizes 6, 7, and 8 for just $17.99 .  It's sitting in my shopping cart right now waiting for me to make the final decision.