She Wants: A Desk Gong . . . Something Every Parent Needs

With three children in our household, ages 4, 4, and 7, you can imagine how difficult it is to maintain order at times.  When the students in the twins' preschool class get too loud and a little out of hand, the teacher just turns off all the lights and there is immediate silence.  I think if I ran around shutting off all the lights on the main floor, the children would think I had finally lost my mind.  If I had my own personal gong, however, I would be able to get all the children's attention without having to raise my voice above theirs.

This Percussion Desk Gong made by Woodstock Chimes would be perfect for us.  The gong itself is only 6" in diameter so it would not take up too much space.  The black ash frame would fit easily into our decor.  I also love that the mallet is rubber since we have three curious children in the house.

Looking for a unique Mother's Day gift?  Well, here it is!