She Wants: Little Miss Matched Crossbody Bags for Girls

I recently realized that our 4 year old daughter has about 7 or 8 handbags and she uses exactly none of them, if you exclude pretend play.  She likes to wear little backpacks, but they just are not practical if we are running errands and getting in and out of her booster car seat a lot.  So it occurred to me the other day that I should try a crossbody bag for her.  That way, she can leave it on without worrying about taking it off like she would a backpack or leaving it somewhere like she would a handbag.  This revelation hit me when I saw a store display of several Hello Kitty bags.  So, I ended up buying a Hello Kitty crossbody bag to include in our daughter's Easter basket this year.

This was before I saw these adorable crossbody bags from Little Miss Matched.  The one pictured on the left is the Kooky Pink Hearts Spring Sling Bag that I found in the "outlet" section reduced to $8.99, so I am not sure how much longer that will be available.  The one on the right is the Zany White Mini Shoulder Bag, which actually is available in 4 different prints and colors.  Both bags are canvas, have adjustable straps, and are sized perfectly for a little girl up to a tween.  I really think our daughter would like the pink bag more, but then again, she does love polka dots.