She Wants: Oversized Faux-Leather Ruffled Handbag

I have been watching the ruffle trend closely for well-over a year, especially when it comes to handbags.  I have to admit that I love them, but worry about whether I can pull off the look.  This oversized ruffled handbag has double rolled handles and is made of faux leather.  Its product description describes it as "flirty", which might be true. I think a better word to describe it is "dramatic."

Can you believe this bag sells for only $25.99?  It is extremely large, which is one of the two reasons why it has been sitting in my shopping cart for over a month.  Is it so large that it is impractical?  The other reason is the color.  I would like it to be a darker brown or perhaps another neutral color, like bone, pewter, or gray.  The style of the bag is so bold that the color really needs to be understated.