Featured Product: Simon G Butterfly Diamond Pendant

If you could not already discern from past articles, I have a weakness for unique jewelry, especially necklaces.  Since1910.com engagement rings may be exquisite, but what truly caught my eye on their website is this designer Simon G Butterfly Pendant.  Aside from my soft spot for unique necklaces, I also have one for butterflies.  I even have a butterfly tattoo.  So whenever I see butterfly jewelry, I always stop to take a second look.

I am usually a fan of all silver, white gold, or platinum jewelry, but the two-tone design of this necklace works.  In all white gold, the butterfly would not stand out as much as it deserves.  I find the butterfly to be very graceful and I love the way it intertwines with the teardrop, as if embracing it.

Needless to say, this necklace from Since1910.com would be the perfect accessory for a special occasion, such as a wedding, a milestone anniversary, or a red carpet event.  For what occasion would you wear this necklace?