She Likes: Vera Bradley Matching Mother/Daughter Handbags

Not too long ago, Vera Bradley offered a one-day online promotion of 50% off retail for two prints . . .  the Totally Turq and the Imperial Toile.  If you recall, I recently was struggling with deciding on a print in which to purchase coordinating mother/daughter Vera Bradley bags.  Well, it turned out that both my daughter and I liked the Totally Turq print, so I purchased a bag for each of us.

The bag I purchased for myself is the Vera Bradley Lisa B.  This is a hobo style shoulder bag and quite different from the double rolled handle bags I normally prefer.  I chose the Lisa B because it looked someone slim and would be more comfortable for the warm weather than wearing a satchel or a tote on my arm.  I also like that it has two zippered pockets on the front to put things that need to remain easily accessible.

I chose the Vera Bradley Little Hip Bag for my 4 year old daughter.  This bag measures 5-1/4" x 4-3/4" and the 55" adjustable strap at its shortest makes it the perfect length for my little girl.  Inside the bag has a zippered compartment to keep her treasures (i.e. small toys and Hello Kitty lip balm) from falling out.  Too bad this bag is only available in retired prints.  I do hope Vera Bradley brings this bag back in the future.

I think we will definitely use these bags throughout the Spring and Summer months.  We waited until Easter day to break these bags out because it was the first real break we have had from the rainy 50 degree weather.

For more great ideas of perfect bags to pair together for mother and daughter, view the slide show that accompanies my article Mother/Daughter Handbags from Vera Bradley.


This article was based on my own personal experience with this product, which was purchased with our own funds.  No compensation was received for sharing my experience with our readers.