She Likes: Crate & Barrel Working Glasses

If you recall, a few months ago, I saw these Crate & Barrel Working Glasses in their Spring catalog.  Well, when another one of our glass tumblers broke recently, reducing us to just four left, we decided it might be time to finally replace our set of drinking glasses.  So we stopped by our local Crate & Barrel store to see if they still carried the same glasses we already own, but they did not.  I saw the shorter 14oz Working Glasses in the store, which reminded me how much I liked this line.  Unfortunately, Crate & Barrel has discontinued the 21oz size and it is only available from the online outlet, where I found them for just $19.95 for a set of 12 (without lids).  So I ordered a set of 21oz Working Glasses plus 6 more 14oz glasses with lids.  If I need additional lids in the future, I can order them for just $.50 each.

I have to say that I love these glasses.  They are incredibly thick and heavy . . . definitely not meant for a child's small hands.  They are also so sturdy that they are virtually impossible to tip over.  I like them so much that I might have to take another look at the Crate & Barrel Working Bowls.


This article was based on my own personal experience with this product, which was purchased with our own funds.  No compensation was received for sharing my experience with our readers.