She Wants: Reisenthel Mother Child Tote Bag

As a mother of 4 year old twins, I must say that this Reisenthel Mother Child Tote is such a clever invention. I often do not have two free hands when walking with the twins through parking lots and so forth.  I usually resort to holding one twins's hand and then have the second twin hold the first twin's other hand.  I would feel so much better having both twins right by my sides.  This unique tote bag has a handle on the lower half for a child to hold.  This sure beats having a child hold onto the hem of your shirt or jacket.

The Reisenthel tote comes in a handful of colors.  I wish this company would apply this idea towards making a more fashionable bag.  I usually only carry a handbag and do not use tote bags, except for holding purchases while shopping.  I really would love a handbag with a child handle to use for times when I'm not out shopping.