Featured Product: Deeco Deck-Cetra All-Weather Furniture Set

Because we do not live in what would be considered a warm climate and we share our outdoor space with our townhouse community, I do not normally pay much attention to outdoor furniture, especially living room sets.  Once in awhile, I do see a set of patio furniture that I like in the category of table and chair sets for outdoor dining.  I do imagine that, when we have a private backyard someday, we will be needing at least one outdoor dining set.

Regardless of my own needs, I just had to share about this unique set of 4 all-weather resin wicker chairs and storage coffee table.  This Deeco Deck-Cetra All-Weather Set is different from most others because the coffee table turns into a cabinet and the chairs can be stacked to double as cubby holes for additional storage or display space.  I just found this set to be so innovative because it is pretty much self-contained.  The double-sided seat cushions even fit right inside the coffee table.  This set would be perfect to keep aside for storage under an awning or in a screened in porch and to put out when entertaining.  I even love the color, which looks off-black to me.

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