Featured Product: Lexington Zacara Mezzanine Side Chair

If you read my other blog, then you may know that my children (with the help of their Dad) bought me a new desk chair for Christmas last year.  It was not a traditional desk chair, but rather it was a parsons chair.  It never occurred to me to use upholstered dining room chairs for our desks at home before.  This chair actually fits into the decor of a bedroom much better than a task chair by far.

As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time at my desk writing.  Lately I have noticed that the chair is not sitting quite as high as it was a few months ago.  Although it is still comfortable, I think it will not be too long before I either need to add an additional seat cushion or replace the chair.  I definitely would like to stick with something in the modern dining chairs category.  I very much like this tufted armless side chair by Lexington.  It is similar to what I have, but appears to be much higher quality.  It looks like it would be so comfortable and the thick seat cushion will likely hold up better than the one on the chair I currently own.

The Lexington Zacara Mezzanine Tufted Upholstered Side Chair is currently available in multiple fabrics.  The price will vary depending on which fabric you select.  In the fabric shown above, this chair sells for $806 per pair on MoreDiningChairs.com.  It might be nice to have one chair at my desk and another against the wall next to my desk for when the children want to sit and chat (which is about every 5 to 10 minutes).