She Wants: BCBGeneration Aztec Tote Bag

I have to admit that I am not one who usually goes for straw bags.  In fact, I saw this woven straw Aztec Tote Bag by BCBGeneration on in Honey and thought to myself, "This bag has potential, but it is just not for me."  Of course, being the avid online browser that I am, I just had to wander over to to see if there were additional bags offered for this line.  I just loved the handle, but the bag just was not working for me.  Then what do you think I found? . . . The same Aztec Tote in black!

I am not quite sure why this bag in black looks so much better to me.  Maybe it's because the chrome frame handle stands out so much more against the black or because the bag looks a little more edgy in black?  What do you think?  Honey or Black?