She Wants: Californians Women's Ivanna Leather Sandals

I cannot quite understand why it happens, but every once in awhile, I try on a pair of shoes that were comfortable enough last year, but are no longer feeling so good on my feet this year.  This happened to me the first time I slipped on my brown leather sandals this year around the middle of Spring.  Since then, I have been casually keeping my eyes peeled for a new pair of sandals that I liked and that also looked comfortable.  Since summer is now underway, I might need to turn my search up a notch.  If I don't, I might not have a pair of brown sandals until fall.

I really wanted something casual, but not so casual that I could not wear them with a skirt.  I think these Californian Ivanna Sandals are really cute.  The deep dark brown is the color I like best . . . much more than a saddle brown.  I usually only go for a contrast topstitching on shoes and handbags if the leather is smooth.  Stitching on pebble grain leather is too casual for my taste.  I think the little knotted bow is a little flirty, but not too cutesy.  The rubber sole also looks very cushy for added comfort.

These sandals come in 7 different colors between the leather and suede versions.  I'm also liking the suede sandals in Natural and in Fuchsia.  At $74.95, I probably can only afford to choose one color.  If I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be the Brown Leather.