Featured Product: Women's 80's Halloween Costume

I have a special place in my heart for the 1980's . . . love the music and the trends (well, some of the trends).  Since some of the 80's trends have returned to the fashion scene this year, Halloween costumes for adults from that time period have been receiving quite a bit of attention.  I won't deny that it would be fun to dress up as a Tina Turner or Madonna lookalike, but I am more drawn towards costumes that look like they could have possibly come off the runway.  By "runway" I mean outfits that are fabulous and edgy, but you would never dare to wear them out in public unless you lived in L.A.  On Halloween, however, that rule does not apply.

I think this Women's Deluxe 80's Funk Skulls costume is lots of fun!  It has the required neon color, but it is not blinding.  It's edgy, but not too revealing, so it would be appropriate for someone as young as a teenager to wear.  All the accessories are sold separately, so you can make this costume what you wish.  Personally, I think the model needs 20 or 30 more rubber bracelets.

This costume is available at WholesaleHalloweenCostumes.com for just $21.90.  To find out more about the most popular costumes this year, follow WholesaleHalloweenCostumes on Twitter.