She Wants: Crate & Barrel Fish Hotel

Although we may not share many pet-related products on this shopping blog, ours is a family of animal-lovers.  We currently do not own any fish, but we use to have a wonderful aquarium that housed goldfish.  Much to my husband's dismay, the goldfish became ill after being with us for quite a long time.  I know he would love to have fish in our home once again.

I was thinking that starting off with a simple Beta fish might be a great way to introduce fish back into our household.  This Fish Hotel from Crate & Barrel would be the perfect thing to house a single Beta fish.  It is much more interesting to look at than the boring standard fish bowl.  I am considering getting this for my husband's desk at home, although I wish it also came in black.  I think he would enjoy having a little companion during his late nights sitting at the computer.  If the first fish worked out, then we could get another one to stack on top of the first.  It is called a "fish hotel" after all.